Pinterest Outfit Challenge For Fall

Some of my best ideas hit in the latest hours of the night. It is currently 1am [Sunday Sept 27] and I just finished getting this idea together. I have not researched to see if this has been done before, but I would bet money that it has. I don’t know how many other people find sanity in pinterest like I do. Though I would venture to guess that I am not alone. One of my favorite things to pin besides decor and recipes, is fashion.

I don’t think I have one set style. I range from pajamas all day to smoldering temptress [can you name that movie?]. My style varies because of my mood, the weather, and what I will be doing. My style pinterest board definitely showcases all of these things. Tonight as I was admiring yet another ensemble, I had a light bulb go off. I thought, I should try to mimic this outfit without having to buy anything. I didn’t stop there though. I thought, “you know, I should really put together a weeks worth of these pinterest inspired outfits and then share the results!”

I don’t have some of the exact colors or styles of pieces that are in these pictures. I won’t even lie, I did look online to see if I could find anything, but then decided that would go against the whole idea in the first place. So, to the closet I went! I put together 7 outfits. I got as close as I could to the inspiration pictures. I decided to put all the pieces for each outfit on one hanger. That way it is easier to keep together and takes less time on the day of. I actually had a lot of fun doing this part!

The only thing not pictured are shoes, jewelry, and one of the shirts because it was in the laundry during this particular photo.

Day 1 – Sunday


Inspiration photo from pinterest.

Sunday’s are just about the only day where I have time to myself to get ready. I don’t typically dress to the 9’s without a reason to, but this is a challenge afterall. The hardest part of this particular outfit was the shoes. I don’t have many shoes [ literally like 6 or 7 pairs ]. I prefer being barefoot over wearing shoes. I particularly went through a very long phase of hating the color brown. So, I don’t have any brown shoes. I also only own one pair of pantyhose so I figured they will have to do!

My version

Day 2 – Monday


Like I mentioned before, brown was exiled from my wardrobe years ago. I do find it appealing now, but I haven’t purchased anything brown yet. I really like the idea of black, white, and brown contrasting each other. Oh, also, I do not own any scarves so I had to borrow my daughter’s just for pictures sake.

My version.

Day 3 – Tuesday


This day was a particularly rough morning. My youngest decided he wanted to be awake nearly all night and my oldest had school in the morning. However, it was also National Coffee Day, so of course I had to run through Panera! Coffee makes anything better, am I right!? The only things missing from this outfit are the boots and jewelry. I don’t really like driving with boots on so I just wore my flats.

My version.

Day 4 – Wednesday


Have I mentioned that I am not a huge fan of shoes? I wore my boots the other day and ever since I have had a sore foot. I couldn’t even put weight on it for 2 days. Though it is starting to feel better, I decided it was acceptable to wear flats instead of the boots for this days outfit challenge (we had a lot of errands to run this day).

My version.

The kids decided they needed to throw some leaves.

Day 5 – Thursday


This was one of those outfits that I really really wanted to buy pieces for. Beings that the whole idea was to use what I have, I told myself no. I only have a couple of skirts in my closet, so I had to make do. It was a busy day so I didn’t feel like taking a super posed picture with all my witchy stuff.

My version

Day 6 – Friday


This is probably my favorite out of all 7 outfits. I really want that green flannel! I also only have witch hats, which is fitting for October!

My version

Day 7 – Saturday


I really love the look of high waisted bottoms. My “mother’s pouch” as some call it is very prominent and frustrating with certain pieces of clothing. The high waist gives me confidence and it showcases the ever so feminine curves that I have plenty of. I really love the red in this outfit and had just the perfect pair of flats to go with!

My version

I really enjoyed feeling put together this whole week! I think I am going to start putting together outfits more often as a grab and go sort of thing. I may be a 30 year old mom of 3, but I don’t feel like that should eliminate my ability to be fashionable and confident.


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